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Google Chrome extension to automatically start searching when you type something on

I like and I spend a lot of time on the site.

One thing about that annoyed me was that when the site loaded, the search box did not have focus set on it. This means that I have to go and _click_ on the search box. Too much work.

Also, when you type something, there is no trigger to automatically start searching for the the text. UX glitch. Again, annoying.

So, I did what every responsible engineer does when he sees a problem. Fix it.

This Chrome extension sets focus onto the search box as soon as you start typing. A la Google. Yes. Enjoy!


Simple experiment with HTML 5. Interactive Lissajous drawing machine. Take a look!

Super Fast Domain Search

I buy a lot of domain names and lot of buying requires lots of searching. Since I was too lazy to leave my browser to check for domain names, I created this Chrome extension and standalone tool to search for available domains.

Get the chrome extension here
Standalone version:

or embed it in your website by using the code below. It will look like this

Just type and the searching starts! (minimum 4 chars needed :) )

Goobe – Google Bookmarks Easyfier

Firefox/Chrome extension (Greasemonkey script) to add keyboard shortcuts to bookmark current page on Google Bookmarks.

I am a big fan of Google Bookmarks. Mainly because it is super fast, feather light and does exactly what I want – Keep a lot of private bookmarks.

The easiest way to add Google bookmarks was to drag and drop one of their “bookmarklet” scripts into the address bar and click on it each time you wanted to bookmark something. Sounds easy, but it had a bunch of drawbacks. Like, for instance, you have to keep the bookmarks bar always visible, which eats up precious screen real-estate and also, you had to _move_ the mouse and click. Hard. Lot of work.

So, keeping up the tradition of doing whatever it takes to be more lazy, I wrote this simple Greasemonkey script that adds 2 keyboard shortcuts

  1. Ctrl + Alt + ] — Pop up window to bookmark current page on Google Bookmarks
  2. Ctrl + Alt + [ — Open the Google Bookmarks page in a new window, where you can see all your bookmarks sorted by date (By default, Google sorts it by title. I have no idea who thinks sorting bookmarks by title is useful. I have raised this issue with Google multiple times, but it has been unanswered)

It works on Firefox (with Greasemonkey installed) and on Chrome (natively) You can get it on here or get it below

UPDATE: Now Goobe is available as a proper Chrome extension

Simple Photos Backup

Simple Photos Backup – because existing tools could not backup like I wanted.

Description: A simple photo backup script written in php that looks for all images on your disk and backs-up unique photos organized by folders named after the camera the image was taken on.


  1. Find unique photos
  2. Copy to a specified location for backup
  3. Sort the images based on the camera model it was taken on

Get it here:

Usage: php simplePhotosBackup.php

Input: allPics.txt in the same folder should contain paths to all images on your disk. I wrote another simple script to do this, but the easiest way to do it is use Everything , search for *.jpg and export it to a text file “allPics.txt”

Settings: You need to edit the php file to specify destination paths. Very simple.

The project is on github, so feel free to fork it or send me improvement patches!

Stats from my photo collection:

More detailed story

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