Hello 👋

I’m Devadutta Ghat. I have a wide range of interests, most of which involve using a computer. My parents got me my very first computer – an i386 – in the early 90s. I was the only kid in a 50 Kilometer radius to have a computer! Naturally, I spent all my waking hours staring at the monochrome monitor, awestruck and mesmerized by all the things it could do. MS-Paint, QBasic, Budokan, Minesweeper, Visual Basic - the list never ended. I was fascinated and entertained by this magic machine. I could not wait to get home from school every day to try new things on it.

That child-like enthusiasm has stuck with me ever since. I have been able to do incredible things with the computer and these days, with the help of an AI and LLMs, I am able to do even more incredible things in a fraction of time I needed in the past.

Glory to all the mathematicians, material scientists, electrical engineers, physicists, computer scientists and others who made this local maxima of human achievement – the LLM possible!

(work in progress)