Moving to Cloudflare from Netlify

Feb. 28, 2024

I have more than a dozen sites deployed on Netlify. A few days back, a HN post woke me up to the possibility of getting billed to the tune of a $100k if any of my sites get DDoSed. While the CEO of Netlify has since apologized for the mistake on the same HN post, I feel that if something like this happens to me, I really should not have to rely on my support query going viral on HN to get my issue resolved.

Additionally, I feel Netlify has a pricing policy that is far inferior compared to Cloudflare. Pretty much anything above basic static page hosting is extra cost on Netlify. Here are some things that mattered to me

Feature Cloudflare Netlify
Bandwidth Unlimited 300MB
Analytics Free $9/mo
Branch Subdomains Free $19/mo

I still love Netlify, their product is awesome. Cloudflare has a clearly better pricing model. Thus I am moving my websites to Cloudflare, starting with my blog.

Hello Cloudflare! I hope my stay here for long.